Friday, June 11, 2010

Your Opponent's Name, It's Abbate, Not "Abatte" Practicing “Voodoo” The Story was 2008 U Reposted it On 6-5-2010, You're An Asshole!!!

Abatte Practicing “Voodoo”
Posted on June 5th, 2010

Voodoo Ripoffs

Saturday, May 17th 2008, 11:50

It’s long been understood that special interests hold sway in the state Legislature. But it’s now stunningly clear the game is absolutely rigged against taxpayers. It is now documented that lawmakers not only fail to read the bills they vote on – they don’t write them, either. They let labor unions do that.

And it is established that a union consultant inserted bogus numbers into bills to conceal how much the measures would cost the public. This shameless abdication of responsibility takes the breath away. And New York City representatives, including Brooklyn Assemblyman Peter Abbate and state Sen. Marty Golden, are among the blameworthy.

This being an election year, public employee unions are pressing the Legislature for pension sweeteners – more than enough to break the bank, according to Gov. Paterson, Mayor Bloomberg and others. By law, such bills must include cost estimates. But lawmakers let an actuary, who collects tens of thousands of dollars from unions, come up with the numbers. He is Jonathan Schwartz, and he told The New York Times he lowballs estimates, using a method he called “a step above voodoo.”

Analyzing an early retirement plan for members of District Council 37, Schwartz ludicrously found that it would cost New York City nary a penny – when the city’s actuary reliably put the real cost at $88 million a year. “I got a little carried away,” said Schwartz, a former city official who lost his job after testifying falsely in a pension lawsuit.

Confronted with the fraud, Assembly sponsor Abbate confessed to being a puppet. “They drew up the bill; they went to Jonathan Schwartz,” he said of DC 37. “We assume he comes up with the real number.” After brushing off the disclosures, Speaker Sheldon Silver said the Assembly would freeze the legislation pending new cost estimates. But, regardless of those estimates, this is not the year to load the city and local governments with new pension costs.

Paterson appears to recognize this truth. He should veto the entire raft of pension legislation for the benefit of taxpayers, who now know why spending is so out of control in New York.


Anonymous said...

TomatoCan it's 2010, stop with the old news

Anonymous said...

BK, I think Lucretia still lives in the past as for her and Arnaldo it's still pre-1986.

brooklynpolitico said...

This is crazy all the shit on her website is from 2008. Think Potter & Dr. Frankenstein went into a time machine hahaha

Anonymous said...

BK, I think if they could we would still be Arnaldo's iron fist in the 49th.

Arnaldo was so bad voters threw him out of office after one term, even DioGuardi got re-elected.

Good thing we threw him out of office.

brooklynpolitico said...

I know, Arnaldo has an ego almost as big as the district. He was a has-been when he was in office, lmbo

Anonymous said...

You know BK Arnaldo doesn't even live in this district anymore he told us to "Drop Dead" after he lost the last time.

Come Sept 14th we are going to tell his girl "Trash Can" to do the same.

brooklynpolitico said...

We all have to vote for that kid, he dosn't have a chance against abbate but he needs to kick potter's ass

brooklynpolitico said...

Paterson needs to veto himself