Friday, June 18, 2010

Koch Calls Kruger A “Rat”, Says Our Votes Don’t Count

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I’m so very tired of these hacks and has-beens, these ineffectual buffoons, dragging one of the greatest states in the nation down into the trenches of mediocrity. So very, very tired.

I’m talking, of course, about our esteemed State Senators – all of them – who collectively comprise the foulest carnival of corruption and ineptitude in the developed world. And I say this after having lived in New Jersey for four years, circa Jim McGreevey.

And the worst part is that these jerks have put me in a particularly uncomfortable position: agreement with Former Mayor Ed Koch. (Okay, it’s far from the worst part. But it’s still uncomfortable.)

Koch is the face of New York Uprising, a non-partisan political action group formed in April to belittle, embarrass and shame Albany’s spineless shlubs into supporting legislation to reform redistricting. As it’s done now, whichever party is in power gets to gerrymander, ensuring that their party remains in power until the maps are redrawn 10 years later. Koch supports legislation that will create a nonpartisan committee that will draw up the districts.

According to Koch, gerrymandering is one of the key tools used by incumbents to insulate themselves as much as possible from the public, sparing them the repercussions of their incompetence.

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He does not believe in gay right, yet he is a gay rat, go figure