Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lucretia Regina-Potters States She Can See Albany From Her Window.

Rumor mill has it that Ms. Potter’s platform against the incumbent Assemblyman Abbate will be employment issues in the 49th. Bari Tiles her family’s business closed due to mismanagement which Ms. Potter prided herself on. Her husband, a civil servant evidently is not bringing home "enough bacon" pardon the pun. So the self-sacrificing Ms. Potter will once again make another ill-fated bid against abbate. Wake me when its over. Although she is the republican District leader in the 49th, it's an unpaid position. She has taken the ADVICE of Sara Palin and came up with the decision to go for a position that pays. Word in Bensonhurst is she has sent resumes for employment in the tile business as far away as Alaska, however, not much use for tiles in the igloos. She stated in a recent interview that her only chance of employment is with the New York State Assembly. "She cited her experience as running twice before and that she can see Albany from her window." Potter is backing on the backlash of Obamacare and the recent losses in NJ, Virginia and the most notably Ted Kennedy seat that Scott Brown took. The only problem is Abbate is a hard working politician who brings major coin back to the district. Voters are savvy and know full well that a freshman republican in a majority democratic assembly won’t bring back a wooden nickel.


Anonymous said...

Sara & Lucretia dumber and dumber. She probably can see albany from her window.

Anonymous said...

She is a drag on the republican party, needs to be ousted as a leader. forgetabout her running for assembly,She needs to run from pork stores.

Anonymous said...

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