Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lucretia Regina-Potter I'm Wo-Man of The Year!

Lucretia Regina-Potter, Assembly Candidate and 49th AD Republican District Leader, has been selected as WOMAN OF THE YEAR , by Cantamare 2010 Organization, for her “professional achievements and humanitarian contributions”. In the letter of nomination, Mrs. Regina-Potter, was informed that she had been selected for “[her] passionate devotion to the welfare of those in need and your outstanding leadership in establishing positive alternatives for our youth. [She is] much admired and respected as an exceptional role model in our community. [Her] acceptance would provide much needed inspiration for our youth and volunteers in their continued work to improve quality of life”. Congratulations Lucretia! kudos to all members of our club and the constituents of the 49th assembly district whose efforts were instrumental IN DELIVERING victory in our district to the republican presidential candidate john mccain!!!!congratulations also to our candidate for the nys assembly,lucretia regina-potter! Lucretia has won her home election district, the 28th ed, as well as several others, and received the highest percentage of Republican votes in brooklyn, MANHATTAN, and the Bronx. she also received the highest percentage of republican votes in challenged races in the assembly, the state SENATE, and congress in these areas as well. This shows that hard work, PERSEVERANCE, and DETERMINATION really do show FAVORABLE results. The leadership of the laguardia republican organization has proven once again that we are the strongest republican club in all of brooklyn, and under the directions and guidance of our chairman, dr. arnaldo a. ferraro, we will be victorious in the very near future. Thank you to all that supported and contributed to this campaign. we have earned this moral victory and no one else can lay CLAIM to it!

The above crap was taken off the blog of the dim-witted shrieking self appointed republican candidate of the 49th Assembly District. Hate to say it but she makes Sara Palin sound like a rocket scientist. Ms. Potter’s eloquent use of Bensonhurst Ebonics makes my damn skin crawl, If I were her political guru I would advise her to change her name, loose some weight and go off to a finishing school in Switzerland and never return. Please take note that she used CAPS for WOMAN OF THE YEAR., then congratulates herself. The mastermind behind this irksome woman is none other than Dr. Arnaldo Ferraro Doolittle whose short-lived pathetic stint in the political arena ended a few decades ago. Ferraro lives and breathes for the glory days of the NYS Assembly and has hitched his donkey to a woman who clearly is his ass. To say she was clueless would be kind and there are no boy scouts here, that broad has a few tiles loose.

Apparently Senator McCain is thrilled and in the mist of writing a book on how he won the 49th AD but lost the Presidential race. For this asshole to take credit for McCain's Presidential lost makes my head hurt and leaves me speechless. Hey Potter that was a spill off from Abbate. Anyone that knows the 49th comprehends that Abbate’s voter turn out is partially republican thereby giving the BIG win to McCain. To quote Potter & the Dr’s ghastly blog let it be known throughout the lands that Lucretia won her “Home Election District” 28th ED, So how come McCain won the 49th AD and she didn't? This is chuckle worthy. Folks, much to my chagrin be prepared to sleep through a non assembly race in the 49th AD. The 3rd time running against Peter Abbate who is part of the powerful democratic machine is wasting the time of serious minded political pundits such as I. Where the hell is Mr. Potter in all this madness? Can’t he convince his wife that she needs a Peter Abbate intervention.

Word on the street is there is a secret undercover investigation going on with Dr. Arnaldo Ferraro Doolittle smack in the middle of it. Michael Jackson's death from prescription drugs, has brought attention to all Dr. who are handing out unnecessary drugs. Dr. Doolittle has been prescribing Potter with ambien sleeping pills and instead of voting in her sleep like Kennedy she runs for office. WAKE UP the 3rd time is not charm it’s friggin disturbing.


Anonymous said...

the republicans in brooklyn are a joke. we have a republican senator in bayridge who supports dems and this skank is the best they come up with against abbate

bob said...

Me thinks both the doc & miss Piggy are on some serious drugs

Anonymous said...

I wish she would just go away, I heard her once at a debate I cringed.