Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Atlas Shurgs Freedom of Speech is Nothing To Shrug About....

It is clear that atlas shrugs does not adhere to the Constitution as I previously stated. Their unwillingness to allow freedom of speech is similar to the Obama administration's view point, "my way or no way". I find it hard to believe that they are a republican blog. Once again, they removed a posted that "the Jig Is Up Atlas" has put on their blog.

My friends are they truly republicans? Hanging with the likes of Jonathan Judge and Miss Piggy aka Potter is an assualt of the American way!


Atlas Thug said...

Judge will get his. I predict he will get somewhere between 3 and 5 percent of the vote.

I guarantee that Kenneth Rice does better.

As for Lu-creature, she will get her's as well. Judge has recruited a 2 time loser soon to be 3 time loser to help him with his destined loss.

What a bunch of A-holes.

brooklynpolitico said...

Atlas shrug can go shrug themselves. They are constantly violating freedom of speech. Miss Piggy and Judge will go down. By having potter run for the 3rd time is a sure will for abbate.

Anonymous said...

Jonathan Judge, you will be facing your jury soon enough, and this verdict will be guilty.