Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Self-anointed group of Senators has been granted millions of dollars in perks

This year, Senators Diane Savino, Jeff Klein, David Carlucci and David Valesky have dubbed themselves the "New Independence Conference" of the New York State Senate. Those Senators have severed formal ties from Senate Majority Leader John Sampson. They refuse to caucus with Senate Democrats. Despite the financial stranglehold around the throats of New Yorkers, and despite the fact that the Democrats are not in the Majority, that self-anointed group of Senators has been granted millions of dollars in perks and budget appropriations for staff, parking spots, etc.

They have been given preferred office space so they can remain tightly-knit and their offices are being re-designed to have walls placed or removed as they desire. After a fair amount of kicking and screaming, those Senators been given the power to decide where they sit in the Senate Chamber. (It was like watching passengers on the Titanic re-arranging deck chairs.) Last night, it was announced that three of those Senators were granted Chairmanship positions (with lulus) by the Republican Majority Leader.

I'm listening hard but I don't hear even a whisper from any Democratic leader of their criticism of those Senators who have abandoned the Democratic Party. Is the snow muffling any outcry? Will the Daily News' Mr. Bramhall render this new caucus as the new Cosa Nostra? Are the actions of Hispanic legislators held to a different, higher standard? Has the Democratic Party decided those non-Hispanic Senators should determine what's best for all New Yorkers with no accountability?

Please don't try to justify the criticism the Four Amigos endured because of Hirman Monserrate's conviction because that didn't happened until many months after the Senate coup. And please do not justify the malicious comments because of Senator Espada's recent indictment because that wasn't even on the horizon in 2008.

Please, explain this to me because I just don't see how we were wrong and they are right. I don't understand why we were condemned and they are being treated like prima donnas. Please explain to me why the Democratic Leadership in New York State is leaving Senator John Sampson to fight this fight alone?

Is this a double-standard or what?


Anonymous said...

Kruger and his crew were smart, this group are losers.

Anonymous said...

They know the GOP Rocks

GOP said...

Snowwhite and her dwarfs

Neil said...

This is exhibit A of why politics all throughout the US has got to change. When it isn't corrupt it's just straight stupid. Keep bloggin tho, hopefully you'll get the explanation you deserve.

brooklynpolitico said...

Politicans are sluts for hire. Nothing more than liars, and crooks. Their only concern is themselves.

Anonymous said...

BK right on. They are worst than lawyers, matter of fact most are lawyers, lmbo