Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pee Wee Cipi-Cup Gets Ready To Loose To ABBATE

I was born and raised in the Bath Beach section of Brooklyn, NY. Being raised by a single mother, I learned the value of hard work, determination, and commitment to family from an early age. I attended P.S. 163 (The Bath Beach School) and St. Finbar Middle School and am a graduate of the High School of American Studies at Lehman College, in the Bronx. Currently, I take classes at the College of Staten Island (CUNY) toward a degree in Political Science.

I continue to live in the Bath Beach neighborhood surrounded by my enormous and wonderful Italian family that has lived on Bay 17th Street for the last 45 years.

Notice how he says "surrounded by my enormous wonderful family" The little nerd does not want everyone to know that he still lives with MOMMY, and still sleeps in his Pokemon PJ's. His Mom God Bless her, still packs his lunch,which consisits of peanut & jelly sandwichs and fruit loops as a snack! You will often see him bouncing down around the district, when off his bike with his Pink ballerina lunchbox. The nerd does not pay rent, credit card bills, water bills, heating bills, phone bills, property taxes, etc. You can tell he does not pay for food or for his ugly clothing. Too Bad his "Enormous Family" didn't buy him any common sense. He Beat Trash Can by a very low percentage, and the lowest GOP turn out in a long time. Pee wee Cipi-Cup cannot generate any type of excitement in the assembly race. Us Grown-ups already know Abbate wins hands down.

I became involved in public service at a young age, volunteering in my neighborhood political club when I was 14 years old. Ever since, I have been an actively engaged member of the community, learning and listening about the issues facing the 49th Assembly District and working on a number of political campaigns.

Wow, public service at 14, that means 6 years of vital experience of handed out flyers for trash can, sweeping the floors of the club for arnaldo I am Italian Ferraro. Running out to buy coffee and lots of cookies for the fat tomato can. He wasn't able to attend the night meetings due to his bedtime curfew.

As a devout Roman Catholic, I am also involved with the community of my home parish, St. Finbar’s, and was passionately involved with the effort to save the parish school. In 2007, I was appointed to the Parish Council, serving as the youngest member of any Parish Council in the Diocese of Brooklyn.

For me, my place and calling as an advocate in the community was cemented when I saw the unwillingness of Democrats in Brooklyn to save St. Finbar’s parish school and two other parochial schools of the 49th Assembly District from permanently closing their doors despite the importance of such schools to many of the Catholic and Jewish families in our neighborhoods.

While I enter this race as the youngest candidate to seek this office, I bring with me a clear vision unwedded to a system that is currently marred in political patronage and bought by special interests. As a fellow Brooklynite, I see the problems plaguing the neighborhoods. Instead of worrying about special interest money, I am concerned about the ever-growing tax burden on the people of New York in the face of a mounting budget deficit and out of control spending. Instead of worrying about the Albany power brokers, I am concerned about the small businesses that are struggling during this difficult economy. Instead of worrying about expanding “rubber rooms” to buy off the support of government workers, I am concerned about finding solutions for struggling community schools – both public and private.

His "Clear Vision," Ok I don't think that is possible, he cannot see the hand before him. His glasses are about 4 inches thick. He talks about taxes, he does not pay taxes, I want him to tell me what he knows, what he has expereienced. Cipi-cup your fucking script is getting boring. I think you need a time out in the "Rubber Room"

I will leave you with this to ponder for a while. Pee wee cipi-cup is playing dress up in a
grown-up world.


Anonymous said...

Rubber Room & Pampers For you Mr!

Anonymous said...

He is a lu-creature errand boy and I'm sure this moron will run against abbate in 2 years again.

Anonymous said...

Bk like the make over on your blog

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brooklynpolitico said...

Eat shit already. You are ruining my election cycle. Go away!