Friday, October 29, 2010

Lu_Creature Threatens Cipi-Cup!

The 49th A.D. Assembly race is hotter than big fat tomato's being boiled for Sunday gravy. Although Lu-Creature lost in the primary to a 19 year old, unemployed, uneducated creep. I know sounds like I'm describing trash can, only a younger version. Newsweek caught wind that she is planning a major write-in on election day. This has caused a sensation in every major news outlet and major TV programming.

The E channel is currently in negations with her to star in her own unreality show called "I will Loose To Abbate Until I Die" Brooklyn Politico has been able to steal a sneak preview of the shows script. According to her, during her childhood she was told she was a born loser. It was not until she entered her first race with abbate that she understood the meaning of her life.

She vows this is her vocation in life and will not be pushed aside by cipi-cup. She claims being part of the Bensonhurst mafia she has no problems with violence. Run Pee Wee Cipi-Cup Run!

The Mob Can demands to be the looser this coming Election Day!


Anonymous said...

Cannot wait. Bet it beats the joisy shore in ratings, will be a lot more trashier.

Anonymous said...

Born loser is right

brooklynpolitico said...

She must have OCD

Anonymous said...

Go get him trash can set your guns ablazing