Monday, October 4, 2010

"I didn't know it would be such a trouncing. I'm still astonished," said Cipriano. I'm The Man!

Former University student Peter Cipriano, 20, who left the University to run for office, won the Republican primary election for New York's 49th District on Tuesday with 62 percent of the votes. "I didn't know it would be such a trouncing. I'm still astonished," said Cipriano. Pee Wee would love to be Trounced By Alien Eyes Grimm.

The 49th District covers the Brooklyn area of New York State, including the Bath Beach, Bensonhurst, Borough Park and the Dyker Heights neighborhoods. Cipriano lives in the Bath Beach section of Brooklyn, NY. His family has lived in the area for 45 years. Cipriano, who now takes classes at College of Staten Island (CUNY) towards a degree in political science, said, "We've done everything a campaign could and should do. We operated like a perfect machine."

Cipriano began his political career at a young age, volunteering for his neighborhood political club at the age of 14. He said he knew he wanted to be in politics when he "saw the unwillingness of Democrats in Brooklyn to save three parochial schools of [his] District from permanently closing their doors." Could It be all the Schools closed because all the damn money was spent on the fucking priests who molested the children, just a thought!

"I've always been politically active, I've always known I'd be running for office," said Cipriano in a phone interview on his Mommy's phone of course.

He was the Italian's Errand Boy, when Ferraro said go get me Coffee, He fucking skipped, even brought back some of girlscout cookies, the mint ones that Pee Wee Was always selling!

Cipriano was a former Student Associate General Assembly delegate for the class of 2013. His main position focused on the conditions on Southside campus. He introduced a bill that was "to improve the quality of life on Southside." It was later rejected by SAGA.

"He was passionate member of SAGA during his time here," said Dennis D'Aquila, Chief of Staff for SAGA. "He was a good organizer. He brought the largest group of people we ever had to a meeting."

Cipriano said that his friends at Catholic were an enormous help during his campaign, noting in particular two classmates, sophomores John McCarthy and Alex Joensen. Joensen spent three months in Brooklyn with Cipriano helping the campaign. "Alex has done a fantastic job," said Cipriano. "He spent the summer here and did work for the campaign. He feels very connected to the campaign and is one of my dearest friends." Ok, fruitcake, we get it, he's a dearest friend, ssshh we won't tell.

Cipriano said that McCarthy, who advised Cipriano on fundraising advice, donor database development and caller strategy, is planning fundraisers for him in the Washington, DC area.
McCarthy said that he hopes one of the fundraisers will be an outreach to students. "Catholic is a great place, and I would encourage anyone to go there," said Cipriano. "It's a place near to my heart, a place I'll visit often."

Joensen, who worked as Cipriano's field and outreach director this summer, said that the ground game was important for his victory. Joensen added that they have received donations from personal donors, unlike Cipriano's opponent, and have strong volunteer support. Joensen was not at the victory this past Tuesday, but will be in New York for the general election.
Cipriano is looking forward to the general election, November 2. "Our long term goal is to win the general election," he said. "We're working hard towards that. There's a lot more work to be done and we have an enormous amount of support behind us."

Cipriano will oppose Democrat Peter J. Abbate, Jr., who has held the seat since 1986. "If there was a year [for Cipriano to win], this is going to be it," said Joensen. "It's an exciting time for Peter and Republicans in the New York State Senate." He thinks he's the new Marty? Golden told us he has underwear older than this nerd.


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Anonymous said...

BK, Sadly you are right, we didn't have much of a choice in the 49th.

Abbate wins big.

How did we go from Dominick DiCarlo maybe the greatest Assemblyman who ever represented Brooklyn, and this state to Cipriano?

Anonymous said...

cipriano a word of advice you are embarassing real men.

brooklynpolitico said...

You're DiCarlo brought respect to the 49th. Trashcan, the italian and cipi-cup are the lowlifes of the 49th

Anonymous said...

It's a shame, BK. Let's hope for better days sooner or later.