Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Atlas Sucks Wrote This About Our Chairman Craig Eation A Very Wise Man. All I Can Say Is You.

Just a days after the Brooklyn Daily Eagle wrote a sterling article about their goals and achievements, Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig “The Duke of Bay Ridge” Eaton has taken his first covert steps to undermine and ultimately crush the Brooklyn Young Republican Club. This comes after Eaton recently invited members of the 49th Assembly District to abandon the Fiorello LaGuardia Club in another similar attempt to crush an independent Republican club in his own borough. This unprecedented action on the part of sitting party chairman is stunning, disgraceful and designed to punish those clubs that do not subscribe to the groupthink fostered in Mr. Eaton’s Cabal.

We received an email from the Brooklyn Young Republican Club’s President Jonathan Judge informing us of this new “gambit” on the part of the Bay Ridge Duke. The Communist International published a theoretical magazine; this is a sample cover
Judge wrote to us, saying “Kings County Chairman Craig Eaton’s COMINTERN office (a.k.a. Brooklyn Russian Republicans - Official Kings County Republican Party Club) [is] seeking interested parties who want to become officers or members of the Brooklyn Young Republican Club.”

(Clever nickname!)

The rub, however, is that he was not doing so on behalf of the Young Republican organization. He was doing so in the hopes of forming a counter-club to the Brooklyn Young Republicans.

Tricky, tricky.

This appears to be yet a sad attempt at destroying yet another Republican club and replacing it with drones. This time, it’s a club that has over 100 years of Republican history in our borough. Of this turn of events, Judge stated in his email: “Personally, I find this comical since the Chairman was the keynote speaker at the current administration’s inauguration in 2008, and yet he has never once shown interest in working with our organization to build the party among young professional Brooklynites.” Mr. Judge, as we have reported, has been raising his online profile via his blog after his 44th City Council candidacy was torpedoed by the corrupt political establishment, including the Chairman, State Senator Marty Golden and Democratic Party Boss Vito Lopez.

Given Mr. Judge’s recently raised profile, Chairman Easton–I mean, Eaton–has reportedly been very threatened by the Young Republican leader. One emailer told us he has had a grudge against Judge and his Young Republicans for years.

Why are we not surprised?

Another emailer, a member of the Brooklyn GOP Leadership, told us that Eaton has been taking very dramatic steps to go after his political “enemies” inside the party rather than seek to grow the base. He has been doing so ever since the vote to grant Bloomberg the Wilson Pakula.“Everyone’s nervous,” that person told us on the condition of anonymity.But while you might expect their organization to be unsettled or angered over this, Judge seemed to take it in stride:


Anonymous said...

Craig Eaton sure does Rock and the 49th and Jonathan Judge sure do suck!

brooklynpolitico said...

You're right. We don't even have district leaders in the 49th.

Anonymous said...

Easton's the man!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Judge is a Jackass, Potter, and Martorell are the worst.