Monday, February 1, 2010

Hey Benedict Arnold, If The Hole Fits Jump In. Jump The F In!!!

A “Golden” Opportunity Misspent As Conservative Party Endorses Democrat In 44th City Council Race. State Senator Marty Golden endorsed a Democrat once again for the 44th City Council Race just months after attending an ACORN rally. Now, his employee Jerry Kassar, who also happens to be the Chairman of the Conservative Party in Brooklyn, is endorsing that same Democrat in the Special Election to replace Simcha Felder. This comes after Mr. Kassar made blind insinuations that Mr. Judge was a contributor to Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn .This was recently reported by the Yeshiva World News. New York City Council candidate David G. Greenfield today announced that he has received the unanimous backing of the Brooklyn Conservative Party’s Executive Committee. Greenfield, an experienced attorney and acclaimed community advocate, is running in the 44th Council District to replace Councilman Simcha Felder, who is vacating his seat to become a Deputy Comptroller in the New York City Comptroller’s office. The 44th Council District includes the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Boro Park, Midwood and Bensonhurst.

“David Greenfield’s fiscally conservative approach to government, strong family values, and deep-seated moral and ethical fortitude make him the best candidate to replace Simcha Felder in the City Council,” said Brooklyn Conservative Party Chairman Jerry Kassar. “David’s strong record of service and his proven dedication to the issues facing the Southern Brooklyn community over the years has rightfully earned him the respect of both the public and elected officials alike. We will be extremely fortunate to have him serving as our voice in City Hall.”
“I am especially grateful to have received the unanimous support of the Brooklyn Conservative Party,” Greenfield said. “Their support of my candidacy is proof that this race transcends traditional partisan politics, and is instead about the quality of life issues that affect Brooklyn families. It’s simple, really, everyone agrees that we need to make New York more affordable.” Now, the article deceptively notes that Savino has endorsed the Democrat Greenfield, but a recent story on the Daily Politics blog has called that into question. Less than two weeks after she joined two fellow senators in endorsing David Greenfield for the still-occupied seat of Councilman Simcha Felder,

Sen. Diane Savino is reconsidering her options. News that her predecessor, former Sen. Seymour Lachman, is considering a run for Felder’s seat complicated things for the Staten Island/Brooklyn Democrats, she said. But her troubles started long before she received a call from Lackman last week informing her that he might throw his hat into the ring. “Obviously, if Lackman runs I have to support him, so I have to wait for him to tell me what his plans are, ” Savino said during a brief telephone interview this morning. “He said he’s thinking about it very seriously.”"…I did endorse David, but that created problems for me, because everyone in Borough Park said: ‘Oh my God, no! Were going to be with Joe Lazar now. It was news to me that Joe Lazar was running. It’s all a big mess.”

If the Conservative Party has seen fit to endorse a Democrat given Kassar’s close affiliation to Marty Golden–it is likely that Senator Golden plans to keep on supporting a Democrat in the race over a Republican. Now, while special elections are in theory “nonpartisan,” they eventually develop into partisan politics when the race for the general election begins. . Mr. Judge, has been a major critic of the Brooklyn GOP leadership. This is after Sen. Golden pleaded for and guaranteed harmony in the party and backing for fellow Republicans after last year’s county committee convention. Now, on the other hand, that promise and that Golden opportunity seem all but gone. It might be that likelihood goes the possibility of earnest unity amongst the factions in the Brooklyn GOP and the Bay Ridge Faction. This would also seem to be a reproach against the 49th Assembly District leadership, which has endorsed Mr. Judge in this race. In the end, what chance does the Brooklyn GOP have to come together in 2010? It would seem Sen. Golden and now Mr. Kassar have indicated those chances are slim to none.

Shame on you both of you asswipes. Can you say Benedict Arnold's


brooklynpolitico said...

Marty you're a friggin sellout. Hanging with acorn didnt know you were a brother

Anonymous said...

Politicans are sellouts but this guy is a f-- whore