Friday, February 5, 2010

Lazio To Cuomo: 'You Can't Lead From A Foxhole, But You Can Be Crazy As A Fox !

Lazio To Cuomo: 'You Can't Lead From A Foxhole'

Republican gubernatorial hopeful Rick Lazio unleashed some sharp attacks on his yet-unannounced Democratic opponent, AG Andrew Cuomo, during his remarks to the state Conservative Party this morning, but never mentioned Gov. David Paterson.Lazio attacked Cuomo for remaining behind the scenes and staying silent as New York grapples with one crisis after another, the DN's Glenn Blain reports. "A year ago Andrew Cuomo left this conference and rather than provide the kind of leadership the state is hungry for, he locked himself in his office and watched as Albany burned." Lazio accused Cuomo of not doing anything to address the state's budget woes, stem corruption or stop the terror trials from taking place in Manhattan."Ladies and Gentlemen, you can't lead from a foxhole," Lazio said.Lazio offered a red meat speech to the Conservative audience, calling for property tax relief, lower business taxes, Medicaid reform and an end to "irresponsible" government spending.

The former Long Island congressman later told reporters he likes Paterson and respects him for raising issues that need to be addressed. It's time, he said, for Cuomo to do the same. Lazio also said it was "unconscionable" for the Obama administration to try terrorists in civilian court. "Terrorists should not be treated like common criminals," he said. "They said should be treated like the common criminals they are."Lazio got a standing ovation from the audience, which included state GOP Chairman Ed Cox, who has heretofore been rather lukewarm on Lazio.

Afterward, Cox praised Lazio to reporters and repeatedly referred to him as the "presumptive" GOP nominee. Cox also seemed to slam the door on the possibility of Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy running on the GOP line, saying he is a Democrat and has not given "an indication that he is going to run as a Republican."Levy is also scheduled to address the Conservatives at their annual political action conference in Colonie. But state Chairman Mike Long has made it fairly clear the party is likely going to endorse Lazio for governor.


Anonymous said...

Lazio sucks and if long is backing him then for sure he is a loser

Anonymous said...

politicians are all crazy as foxes
until they get theit hands in the chicken coop.