Monday, February 1, 2010

Chuck Schumer A Lost Cause

Chuck Schumer, a lost cause ...While we are on the precipice of, what is sure to be, a heated Congressional race in the First Congressional District, an additional competition that we ought to watch and participate in as well, is that of the potential re-election of, the movie star, Senator Chuck Schumer. A politician by trade (if that is such a thing), Schumer began his tenure in the Federal Government as a Brooklyn Congressman and has since matured into the left-leaning, self-serving, boisterous, liberal Senator from one of the most politically influential states in the country, New York. Schumer may actually go down in history as a Senator that clearly loved and adored himself more than anything in existence. As an individual that loves to kiss the lens of a TV camera, see his picture on the cover of a magazine or newspaper, or simply listen to himself speak at one his infamous shallow press conferences, the Senior Senator has clearly lost his sense of wherewithal. Merely weeks after verbally abusing a hard working flight attendant, on a Sunday afternoon before Christmas by referring to her as a B***h, the arrogant Schumer saw the need to offend yet another group of Patriotic Americans. This time the Tea Party movement has been targeted by Schumer’s perverted vernacular, as he has recently referred to Massachusetts Senatorial Candidate, Scott Brown, as a “far-right tea bagger”, according to Fox News. The question is, where does Schumer draw the line with his off color and offensive comments. This delusional man is charged with the lofty responsibility of representing the government of New York State at the Federal level. He holds the power to cast votes, most of which have recently been controversial, that will potentially affect our income, taxes, and lifestyle. Schumer is clearly in favor of a healthcare plan that will further break and bankrupt our already fiscally strapped state. Being that the Senator appears to be having consistent mental breakdowns, as is evident by his recurring insults of ordinary, hard working, Americans, I sincerely believe that it is time for him to step aside and make room for a more, mentally stable, less abrasive candidate, that exhibits a true interest in serving their state, country, and electorate more so than placating to their own over inflated ego and self-interests. Perhaps this is how the Senator behaves when the special interests of his own misguided political party have their backs against the wall, as is evident by the most recent Suffolk poll which has Scott Brown leading over Martha Coakley by a slim four percent margin. Schumer realizes that his sick and perverted dream of a socialist healthcare system lies in the balance of this special election, which appears to now favor the GOP candidate. Therefore Schumer has resorted to cheap political name calling tactics, which lately seems to be the norm in the Democrat Party. Just ask Harry Reid about those racist Republicans who want to squash his pathetic excuse for healthcare reform. Scott Brown’s reaction to this pathetic comment was “I’m not into name-calling…so shame on Chuck.” Well, hats off to Scott Brown for not lowering himself to level of, the little man, New York’s own, Chuck Schumer.

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